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  • Hi Brian,

    Just a quick question, I am on the lookout for a GT40 for my wedding in 2016 and seeing if you could have a think about it. Wedding is going to be in Te Anau.

    Hi Brian
    Im just inquiring do you know how much a Classic Car developments GT40 chassie costs?
    Ignore the header :) I will take some proper pictures of the bell housing but here is one by chance . It is cast from an original gt40 . I have the engine data for the machining but not the zf. The zf side of things should be very simple. You will need to change the ring gear on the flywheel to an austin a35 one, I have found them so if you need one I will get yours when I order mine.


    Zf top plate. Mark Sibley Mobile number 07749 531648. If you are struggling to get hold of him I can just order it for you and post it.

    Hi Brian, I am in Gore. I would like to meet up and have a chat.
    Where are you? being new to the forum Im still learning my way around.


    Hi Jim,

    No - major progress has stalled until I take delivery from some items from overseas. I am, however, continuing to gathe rbits and pieces so that when my transaxle and body arrive I can make some rapid progress. All the best,

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