The New Guy

Hey, everyone! I'm the new guy. I don't currently own a GT-40, but I'm finishing my degree and therefore joining the real world and I figured I should get in touch with people that share my passion. So that maybe as I get settled into life I could start saving up for and gathering info for a new project (I sold my last one to get married). After lurking around the forum for a good long while I figured I should actually sign up.
So anyway, I got hooked on the GT-40 when I was twelve and my dad and I went to the northwest cobra club's annual meet and I saw an original Mk I (red with white striping and RHD). The owner was great and loved the fact that I was so interested in the car, so he took me for a ride around PIR (Portland International Raceway). Needless to say I was hooked. I've expanded my passion to many other cars now, but the GT-40 always had held a special place for me.
Another new guy here. Sold the Italian stuff and finally going for what I've always wanted in the first place. Hope to find it here and become a most active owner. [I.E.: drive it!]
Welcome Mike, and Vinny, great things are ahead.

Tim, you are correct. There seems to be a timeless quality, which is gratifying, and provides common ground joining successive generations.