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  • Hi Dalton

    Short answer is yes.
    I was caught in the most torrential downpour on my way back from Gosford with no water entering the cabin and only a small amount of condensation in the headlight covers.
    My apologies for not reading my messages !

    Sun Visors - My engineer (Trevor Booth) knew the full story : if they are fitted, they must conform to the standards (soft padding, no sharp edges, etc). However, they are not mandatory - so I didn't bother.

    Reversing Lights - at least one x 21W lamp. I have 2, but they are mounted behind the rear mesh panels. Trevor had me take the mesh panels off before he photographed the car & passed the lights.

    Kind Regards,

    Peter D.
    Hi Dalton
    It is almost ready for paint
    Doing some tidy ups ect ect
    w 9938 3730 m 0418457484
    Take a look when it suits you.
    Brookvale nothern beaches
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