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Hello all,

On my list of classic car events I have the MONTEREY MOTORSPORTS REUNION (August 15-18, 2019)

Currently I try to plan that for 2019 (would like to book flights and hotel asap).

So, do you have any recommendation at all or in particular for hotels, museum, etc.

Renting an RV might also be an option....

One basic question: what is the difference between MONTEREY MOTORSPORTS REUNION and MONTEREY PRE-REUNION? More cars? Type of cars?

I appreciate your honest oppinion - is it any good at all or already overstated.....?????

When travelling around half the globe I want to make sure.

Thanks in advance.

Regards fro Germany
The Monterey Historics are a great event and one of many cars shows, auctions, and drive events during the Monterey car week. Normally the 3rd week in August, culminating with the Sunday Pebble Beach concours. The races are at Lagua Seca, a very famous track with great viewing. Once at the track, you can walk the entirety of it and get many different viewing spots including the famous cork screw turn. Go to the track site to view the 16 classes of cars that ran this year. Datsun was a featured marque. Mika Haakinen test drove the McLaren F1 Lemans car. Always lots of famous drivers, people and action. The Pre historics are normally two weekends before the Historic races and used to be those cars that didnt make the cut for the main race. I have never been.

If you plan to attend, you have to decide what other events you want to see and then decide if you would rather go to the track Friday (practice only) or Saturday or Sunday. The actually class races are Saturday and Sunday - one set of classes race each day, not both.

Go to the Monterey Car week web site to see all the events that occured this past year.

Last comment - you need to book a hotel NOW. All the good ones fill up and expect to pay $500 a night in Monterey or Carmel. Otherwise, you will be staying a hour away which sucks. I stay right in Monterey at the Marriott. Across the stree from the RM and R&S auctions.