Tom Petty

Jeff Young

GT40s Supporter
Sad, I liked him from the 70s on. Great sow on XM as well.

He apparently picked up a heroin addiction later in life (90s/00s) which is odd. Kicked it but I'm sure that didn't help.


Charlie Farley

Seems he might well be still with us, according to a UK radio station,
US Police refusing to confirm death.. if so..:thumbsup:


Yes sorry people, I was a bit premature there I think as it seems he was still alive when I posted. THis may have been down to a DNR wish Petty had signed and after his cardiac arrest, it was assumed that he had passed. Thanks for the update Chris. I think I had two favourite periods with Tom Petty, and they were with the Travelling Wilbury's - outstanding! and his live appearances with the extremely sexy (sorry, not PC but true) Stevie Nicks. You wouldna minded betting that those two hit it off in more ways than musically..

RIP Tom..