Unfinished DRB GT 40 for sale

After thinking about this long and hard, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am no longer at a point in my life where I will be able to / desire to finish my GT 40 project. So, It’s time to sell it off to someone who will take it to completion and enjoy the journey!


Standard Spec DRB GT 40 FOR SALE:
Car is built as street car, NOT race car.
Standard DRB suspension (corvette).

“Mostly completed” kit for sale
Located in Northern California (Sonoma County)

Current condition:
1) Basic initial assembly done
2) No Engine
3) Interior
a. Dash complete
b. Seats included
c. Shift linkage, peddles, interior fittings complete
d. No carpeting, no interior panels (doors, rear bulkhead, headliner etc)
e. Electric mirrors installed
f. Radio & speakers installed in door
4) Minor body work done
5) No paint / primer
6) All other parts available / installed.
a. Fire system installed
b. Remote oil filter & cooler installed
7) Has DRB installed roll bar (nicely hidden in engine compartment / does not intrude in cabin)
8) I have installed a “back up light” / reverse light – Requirement in CA
9) I have installed a 3rd / high mount brake lite.

Car is basically in what I would call an ‘initial construction to test fit / function of all parts’ stage. I had an engine in it (engine died & NOT available for sale) and drove it on 2 check runs.

Car will come with Porsche G50 transaxle, clutch & flywheel. Exhaust included.

So I would call it a “semi-roller” as you SHOULD disassemble / check EVERTHING and reassemble to your standards / preferences.

Known issues:
1) All electrical checked and appears to work except that the turn signals seem to flash too quickly – I’ve tried different flasher modules – so suspect some additional circuit is attached to this one loading the flasher unit.
2) 1 broken bolt holding steering column to mount – just found that – have no idea when / how this happened.
3) Typical body work needed
4) Paint needed
5) Interior needed
6) Engine needed
7) Alignment (4 corner professional) needed - - only crude string align in garage done now.

Asking $35k
Some photos attached –
please e-mail me @ dharris at harrisappraisal dot biz for additional photos / data / questions


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I recall a fine young (now OOOLD MAN) once bend my year about taking TOO LONG to finish my GT40 project.

I finished mine,,,,had a blast in it and then sold it.

I assure the potential buyers that this roller is in excellent condition. The lazy owner has done very little and there is no chance of anything being ruined.

I am in Mexico right now,,,,can this be shipped to mexico? The GULF cartel here has an affinity for that UGLY GULF blue gelcoat color:lol:
Farhad!! - great to hear from you oh-ugly-one!!

are you living down south full time now - - or do you still need to return to keep the wife happy every 6 months or so??

I'm retired now - so next time you come up for air - give me a call!!!
Mr.. Harris.........
I recently introduced myself on the forums to be polite prior to contacting you about the DRB. Your project looks like it may suit my desires pretty nicely.
Since I am in Oregon, you location in N. Ca. is a nice bonus as well. I would like to PM you regarding the project for a little more parts info. Feel free to PM me first if you like.