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  • Farhad,
    I have been searching for an SPF Ford GT for some time and came across yours (rather indirectly) via the Good Guys auto show recently. I am inquiring to see if your car is still for sale, and whether we can exchange contacts so that we can discuss how I can get more info.
    By way of background, I am a long-time 'car guy', have a 2005 Ford GT '44' (!) as well as two Porsche's. I take excellent care of the cars and keep them almost 'show ready' all of the time. I say this because it is clear that you put a great deal of time and care in to the GT and, should the stars align, it would be going to a good home.
    Thanks in advance,
    Richard Green
    I'm having hard time selling my car with tire kicker's and wanabe's as you well know. I know you have been a hard critic of me in the past but I'm getting frustrated with the tire kickers that want a great car like yours and mine for a cheap price. My question is, did you go through the same insulting offers and just settle for a price far less than what you were asking? Or..did you get close what to you want? I'm, not in a hurry to sell my car. Some of the offers are truly insulting and I'm not willing to be raped from folks that are assumming that you are in a hurry to sell.

    Best John/oliver
    Hi Faili, I am new to this forum and was wondering if you got my last message. I don't know if I am PM-ing you correctly or not..

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