What gearbox do I have?

Hi evrybody

I have read a lot of stuff on this forum and it seems there are a lot of experts on here in regards to transaxles. Unfortunatley I dont own a GT40, yet! but washoping someone might be able to help me out with my question.

I bought an Audi gearbox from an A4 V6. I believe it is a 90's one. I am hoping to use it as a transaxle for my project and need to know what it is I have exactly. Hopefully I can get specs on it and maybe schametics for the bell housing to make and adaptor. Plus any info on the input shaft etc so we can CAD it up.

It has Stamped on the case
WWO 012 301

and engraved on the bell housing

Any info would be most appricated.

Also what do people recomend for gear linkages? Is cable best, easiest? If so what do people use. Otherwise linkages I assume would have to be custom made?

Thanks in advance


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The 012 box was fitted to numerous 88 to 92 Audi coupe / Audi 100 and the Avant from what I can make out, I have looked thru my lists of Audi box numbers and could not find my current box so went along to the Audi dealer and he looked it up and said the above plus some early Porsche Boxters had same fitted. Cant find any details on the CXY numbers as there are no letter combinations showing even starting with a `C` listed. The Audi dealer said the `missing` numbers were the details of what the box was set up as.
As for linkage, you can run cable using a Toyota Corolla gear lever set up or run mechanical rod using good quality 3/8 socket set universals ....they worked quite well on both cars I have built.
Hi Russell
Thamks dso much for your reply. So do you have a gearbox that is the same ie CXY or did you asdk about it at Audi for me? Otherwise are they pretty cool if I ask them myself? Do you think they would have any drawings of the box? I Know this one definately came out of a 4 door A4 V6 early 90's shape. So really they were all mostly the same with different ratio's then is that right?

Can you get an LSD to fit these?

Wow Carolla hey? What year should I look for? That should be nice and cheap!

Thanks again Russell.