During the last two years I have designed, developed and integrated xtreme systems for my ERA GT. I am offering this service to folks who desire xtreme performance and spectacular fit and finish for their GT or other classic performance car. The following is quoted from our web site. Please feel free to contact me directly or through the web site. I am US based and located in northern Virginia.

P.O. Box 68
Upperville, Va. 20185
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Our main product starts out as an ERA GT40 replica. We add a level of craftsmanship to the design of sub-systems and overall assembly, fit and finish seldom seen in replicars. The previous owner of our GT has told us that “All those guys that take their GTs to shows are now going to have to learn to play golf.” A fitting tribute to the level of attention paid to everything on the car.

The main sub-systems that make our car xtreme are: an 8 stack Electronic Fuel Injection unit to maintain the look of Webers but have xtreme controllability when coupled with a state of the art automotive computer. The ECU has complete control over ignition timing and fuel to air ratio so you not only get a car that’s xtremely fast but also has the drive-ability of todays computer controlled EFI cars. Also the car has a specially designed high pressure fuel system in order to support the electronic fuel injection system.

The chassis and suspension components can either be powder or epoxy coated according to the customer likes. Engines of various displacements can be chosen. We’ll work with a 289 or 302 all the way up to 351 strokers that measure 427 xtreme cubic inches. All custom assembled to your specifications. Uprated brake systems are available for those who want xtreme stopping power.

So if you have an ERA GT kit or some other classic and would like it assembled and finished to xtreme show and performance car specs, drop us a line. If you have a place on ERA’s list and want to reserve a spot to make your car xtreme, now is the time to stop by and see what we can do for you.