48 IDA
Doc Watson

48 IDA

Casting Body Detail, note socket head stainless steel M5 screws replace studs and nuts on air breather and trumpets and stainless steel nyloc nuts replaced zinc plated nuts on top casting. Standard parts are zinc plated studs and nyloc nuts.
Sorry about the negative post, but having owned DCOE carburettors, why post picks of IDA's?? Both are garden variety (albiet VERY good,) carbs, and available from most suppliers. If anyone wants them, I have a picture of a (cringe,) Chev engine with 4x DCOE carbs (very pretty to look at.) BTW what engine should I look at fiiting to a 40 for competition?

hi i was wondering if there was any one out there with a set of throttle bodys TMW 58mm. I need two sets of two could any let me know. I am going to use these on my flat 4 vw aircooled motor...................:stunned:

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