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  • Hi Mike!

    Good to see you sharing your wisdom on the forum! Just thought I'd say hi & still reaping the benefits form the many deliveries you kindly helped out with!

    All the best,
    Hi Mike,
    You took some great pictures of my car P1040 at Pebble Beach.
    Would it be possible to get digital files of each one?

    Henry Davis
    Hi Mike My name is Mike Proebsting. I would be interested in any information relating to the friend of yours selling the original slides. My phone number is 847-526-8579 and my email is [email protected] Thanks
    Hi Mike my name is Leigh Briggs and i am Dave Briggs nephew Dave and Doreen are going to be fine thank God for the five point harness's or they would be dead .. i have pictures of the car mybe i can send you a few in email let me know my email is [email protected]
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