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    #1032 @ le mans

    I always thought it was 200 mile tape. Because any repair done with the tape would last you about 200 miles down the road before it all fell apart.
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    Rear tire size question and 2"/4" flares......

    What size flares does your car have??
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    Request for advice re Holley 4150

    Yeah, those "holes" in your metering blocks couldn't be just wide open. I would think you'd have gas everywhere if they were. And definitely hook up the vacuum advance.
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    Flange Choice for Exhaust Build

    Looks awesome. Can you have someone make a template of the thing for others to duplicate?
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    Gulf Flares fiberglass (New)

    Just need a car to wrap these around :)
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    Saw this for the first time today. Very nice lines. It's called A Rimac Concept One.
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    Staggerd wheel set up verses square

    I thought I'd read that just the real early ones had front end lift and that was corrected by 1966. And didn't the bolting of the plate on the rear spoiler area keep the back end planted?
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    New possible source for Bundle of Snakes Exhaust

    I found this company while surfing the 'net. Prices seem reasonable. And they specialize in exhaust for Windsor-based setups. 180 Degree Headers for Windsor Motors
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    Bundle of Snakes Advice

    Sounds like the right course of action. Good luck with it. If I can ask, do you know how much a new set of headers is going to cost?
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    Weslake Gurney Eagle Ford heads

    Looks like he used a Flintstone's version of an Edelbrock AirGap manifold. GLWTS.
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    Bundle of Snakes Advice

    Great reference.
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    Bundle of Snakes Advice

    Great point concerning the angle of the engine. Is the engine/trans supposed to be perfectly level in the chassis, or can it tilt a degree or two down towards the rear for better header clearance? And would that affect the shafts going to the rear tires?
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    Break-in oil - recommendations

    Chevrolet Performance E.O.S. Additive 88862587 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing
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    '40 Bra

    A bra will almost certainly rub on the paint in spots. Ask me how I know. I had them on two different cars and the result was the same. A clear skin is your best bet. They have them on many new cars now, especially the high end ones like Maserati. You can even buy the stuff of ebay and do...