Porsche transaxle vs Mendeola for GT40 build

Hello, I'm finally getting things lined up to build a GT40. My engine will be a 408/427 Windsor, built with reliability in mind vs pure horsepower numbers. But I'm still thinking in the 450hp range with similar torque. I was looking for opinions for the transaxle. I've talked with the guys over at G-Box about a fully rebuilt 5-speed G50 variant transaxle with .756 fifth gear. I've also seen the Mendola SDR5 unit. I've been looking at a Kennedy adapter and clutch setup from Clutch Masters. Any thoughts on reliability, ease of service, etc? Thanks.


Howard Jones

I have a 350 SBC with 451Hp at the crank. I am using a G50 01-03 with custom gear ratios and other work done for strength as well as a Quaife TBD. It has served me with out issue with all track work and I would guess about 6000 miles so far. I run Hoosier R6 slicks.

I had them source everything from the flywheel to the output shafts including the starter. This is a thing I would recommend. Get it all from one vendor. That way it will all fit/work together the first time and if it don't you have direct recourse/ customer service.

It was built by California Motor Sports. I highly recommend them.

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California Motor Sports is highly recommended. They are not located in California, they are in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.