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  • Hi Graham, hope you are OK. Is there any progress on the body shell since we last spoke? I`m keen to move to that stage now and was hoping things were a bit closer. My numbers are Mobile 07582471190 and home 01270781123 I can`t always get to it quickly enough but will reply to messages, thanks Graham, Kev Farrington
    Hi Graham, regarding your message to my post regarding T70 Wheels, my number is 07540707125, Cheers Kevin
    Hi Graham
    I hope you are well and your cars aren't in need of expensive repairs etc? I was wondering if you had managed to do anything about 917 bodyshells? I am in urgent need of one or at least the front half so I can finish off the chassis. At one time you were talking about having screens made but the last time we spoke I got the impression you had moved away from that idea? I did try ringing but I think my phone is playing up/not working properly? Hope to hear from you soon, cheers for now, Kev Farrington
    Hi, Im looking for a 917 kit to build in the future so now I am scanning the web for different kits. It seems that you are building 917 kits, is that correct?. In that case do you have any more info on the subject? If so please e-mail me some more info (price etc) regarding the kit.

    [email protected]

    Best regards, Fredrik from Sweden
    Hi,my name is Pim and I own a lolaT70 made by baily cars, and we race it here in RSA in the local historic club racing, I am keen to have road going 917 build, and before going to Peter for an offer, thought of having a look at yours, as I have noticed quite some positive comments, regards Pim Pieterse, you can send direct to me om [email protected]
    Hello Graham,

    Would you send me these two photos of your 917 replica from Snetterton in high resolution form.I would like to print them for my collection on 917.

    Thanks in advance


    [email protected]
    hi graham... i have left a message on your phone and have emailed you on this site, but have not heard back from you..... i take it that you are probably busy and maybe dont have the time for my project, pity as i liked your attitude... if you change your mind then please let me know...all the best james
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