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  • Hi there,
    do you still have the adapter kit ? I assuming this fits the 01E trannie aswell or ?
    ,,, would you possibly ship it to me sweden ? ,,even if the shipping would be a bit maybe I still could save a few bucks compared to a new setup,
    I planning a lobuck one seater here :)

    Cheers, Tommy

    I hope this finds you and the 40 going well. Like you said I'm enjoying the car that much more now that all is said and done with the tranny swap over. Can I bend your brain a wee bit and ask what you think my used 016 might sell for? I've got the spare 016 and a chap in the U.S. interested by I'm baffled as to what to ask for it. Of course if you can offer a guess in US $ that would help.
    Best to you mate and appreciate your help, JIM

    BTW, I asked Scott at Advanced and he was clueless.
    Hello Dave, Patrick Hogan here from upstate NY-USA. I see you have RF12. I own RF15. These RF'S seem to be the black sheep gt40 replicas, as they are not spoke of much on this forum. I know about the demise of RF1 and deposit monies lost.

    I have nothing to compare my car to, But it seems well built. I would like your input on the good and bad to these cars. Also, are parts like the a-arm bushings and such still available?

    If you send me your e-mail address I'll shoot you some pics. Or send me some pics of yours for comparison sakes. [email protected].

    Would love to compare cars to see how close or far they may be.

    Thanks, Patrick Hogan
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