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    Tornado Australia

    Thanks everyone, we have been busy with testing to get the paper work right for the Aussie cars. Looking forward to helping out where I can. Check out the Tornado Sports Cars Australia facebook page and give it a like. Looking forwrd to getting a build thread going soon.
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    Tornado GT40 01E

    01E fits, Needed to move motor forward a little and clearance the left side lower chassis rail under the gearbox. CV Angles look acceptable. Made all new mountings.
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    Tornado GT40 01E

    I have my motor and 01e sitting in place, need to clearance the left side chassis lower frame rail under gearbox due to offset of 01E
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    Tornado GT40 01E

    Hi Anyone out there with a 01E 6spd installed in a Tornado, Im about to tackle this myself
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    302 or 351W??? I'm driving myself nuts

    351W with 408 stroker is the 40 was awesome with this combo. Make sure you get the triple clutch plate adapter from Flatchat. GT40 launch - YouTube
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    H Craft GT-R

    Yep stance is spot on.
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    H Craft GT-R, Jared's build.

    Great work Andy, Im keen to build one myself
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    H Craft GT-R, Jared's build.

    Awesome another H Craft build....keep the updates coming.
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    Adapter kit BNC products

    Hi John Hope all os well? The poor old Pantera is stripped bare at the moment...will email you.
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    Adapter kit BNC products

    Yeah Chris will contact you when I get closer.....
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    LS3 and G50/01 into DRB

    LS is a no from
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    For sale 2 CAVs GTs $110,000 AUD **SOLD**

    Re: For sale 2 CAVs GTs $110,000 AUD for both Thats great news you can unload them after all these years. Cant imagine the pain of having the cars and never being allowed to drive them on the road.
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    Adapter kit BNC products

    Nearly a year on and this clutch and adapter set has taken a pounding, relentless shifts and clutching.....still going strong. Highly recommended.
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    Aussie RCR T70 capers

    Well done...
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    the Steinard MK3 takes shape

    Well done whats next?