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  • Owner of RF number 10. Kirkham Cobra Shelby 468. Porsche 911 S 2016 and 65 Porsche Speedster. Boat and plane enthusiast. Steen Skybolt and RV8 aircraft.

    Good that you are making progress in Texas.

    Yes he is a genuine guy.

    The RCR promotional thing on both this GT40 forum and Club Cobra forum has been asked before. However, as Fran Hall is the main sponsor on both forums Craig is seen as his agent and is given a lot of opportunity.

    Mmmm, I would would do a little of the same. Post photos of RF cars with the Yak aircraft from Barwon Heads and a few other photos.

    Stories, photos and follow up Posts on the right topic will see some good free marketing and advertising.

    It's product, position and pricing - and then the all important promotion. And free is best!!

    I have had the GT40 at McDonald Bros. Racing. Ran it on the dyno. I'm very happy. Just on 239kw at the rear wheels, think that works back to about 340kw at the flywheel. My language that's about engine 440HP engine.

    Don't forget the Shelby Fest. Maybe get up to Winton this Saturday with a car to have a look? I'll be there in the GT40 - about 80% re built.
    G'day Bernie,

    you seem to know Craig RCR well, do you know where he gets off blatantly advertising completely illegal turnkey cars on the forum ? RF would love a level playing ground here...

    winge over, hows stuff ? Regards Paul - have a great weekend

    PS we seem to be progressing well with Hershal, what a nice guy - thanks for your efforts there too getting us chatting again.
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