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    GTD Mark 1 AC recharging point

    Have a look underneath the compressor. Jas
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    Hi I'm Dan from Waterlooville in Hampshire (UK)

    Hi Dan and welcome I am just up the road from you in Fareham. I used to own a GTD, but had to sell 3 years ago. I'm sure you are aware of Paul just up the road in Chichester building his? Good luck with the build, only hear good things about Southern GT. Look forward to following it...
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    Goodwood Revival

    I'll be there again all weekend. I work with the scrutineering team. You will find me either in parc ferme or in our large green hanger weighing and measuring cars. I'm the tall chap in a trilby. Come and say hello, we have the top 3 finishers from each race so get to play with some lovely cars...
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    John Christian's news

    Hoping for a speedy recovery John, as said before, he is a real nice guy. I've spent some time with him at Dunsfold over the last few years, great times. Jas
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    Repack silencer, what noise reduction?

    These are the ones I used Supertrapp Disc Only Clamp On Silencers - Demon Tweeks I made up a pipe that slipped over the exhaust pipe and used exhaust clamps to hold them on. I used 6 discs and it dropped the noise level by 5 db at 3/4 revs. I liked my car to be noisy, so this temporary...
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    Repack silencer, what noise reduction?

    Have you thought about using some Supertrapp slip on silencers? I used these on my GTD and they made a big difference. Jas
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    Save the Brighton Speed Trials - urgent!!

    Signed. It would be such a shame to see this great event banned. Jas
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    Earliest GT40 replicas?

    Per, I sold my GTD to a guy in France in June. It was registered in the uk as a 1972 car, but was a 1987 chassis. If it's the same car I can give you plenty of history of the car. Pm me the details of the car you have found for sale and I'll let you know if it's my old car. Jas
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    GT40s at Goodwood Revival 2013

    Goodwood Revival 2013 - Whitsun Trophy - GT40 Race - YouTube Here is a short video I took. Sorry for the poor quality, it was taken on my phone. Jas
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    Hi Emmanuel I believe you have Chassis no 152 that was built in 1989 Jas
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    Visiting Goodwood Revival and Car Museum

    The traffic getting in and out of Goodwood is, and always has been a pain. I arrive early (between 7 and 7.30) and leave late to miss the worst of the traffic. This also allows me to have a good look round before the crowds arrive (rather than sitting in traffic). The parking at Goodwood is in...
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    Wings and Wheels 2013 - DUNSFOLD (Surrey)

    Hi John I should be there both days, but sadly, not in the GT40, I had to sell it earlier this year. I will be attending with my V8 Westfield, looking forward to it. Ill pop across and say hi. Jason
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    Is this your '40?

    Keith, Its a GTD This has been for sale on Pistonheads for a while Used 1987 GTD GT40 for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 926809) Jas
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    My Favorite GT40 Video

    Great video, not seen that one before. Also, its a great track, I used to love going to Cadwell Park when I was racing Sidecars. Jas
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    SouthernGT Number 18

    Congratulations Paul, bet you can't wait to get started on it. How long are you planning on taking to build it? Or are you just going to take each stage as it comes? I'm looking forward to this build log, if it ever stops raining, I'll bring mine over for you to have a poke...