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    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    Treating the atmosphere like an open sewer has no consequences?
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    Barett Jackson just sold a 2011 SL-C - anyone here?

    I was at barrett jackson last weekend. Cars are sold with no reserve. Saw that SLC in this thread that went for 80k. It was shocking how little people paid for some cars. I saw a frame off restoration 1970 Mustang Mach 1 go for 22k.
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    g50 still for sale?

    g50 still for sale?
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    G86/20 Boxster 6 speed looking for info

    I recently bought the trans adapter and clutch package from kennedy engineering products. It only works with a 2000-2004 boxster s 6 speed manual transmissions ie the 3.2 liter cars. Nice piece of billet aluminum! That's where renegade gets their adapters from too.
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    JD2 Dr chassis jig.......any opinions or experiences would be greatly appreciated!

    Was thinking about buying this chassis jig. At 1495 bucks it seems to be a pretty good buy. Thanks so much for looking!
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    CANAMSA - SA stratch build

    Looks great Fred! Nice job. Totally inspirational. Thanks!
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    found an interesting project

    Got to like when people do unusal things though. Toy, dumb and outrageous all go hand in hand! I've read at top speed a bugatti veyron runs out of gas in 12 mins, giving it a range of about 48miles. All it does is put a smile on people's faces. Here's smart, practical and beautiful...
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    found an interesting project

    Twin LS7-Powered W16 Engine | GM Authority Look out Bugatti!
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    G86/20 Boxster 6 speed looking for info

    Over at "renegade hybrids" they've swapped an LS7 for the boxster S engine and from the videos they posted.... looks like they've really put it through its paces. I saw this car in person too. Really cool! LS7 is 500 horsepower. They said the transaxle is unmodified. LS V8 Boxster Conversion...
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    Fatal GT40 Accident - Please tell me this is not Toms RCR GT40

    Sorry to hear. Thoughts and prayers to everyone involved especially the bereaved and wish Tom a speedy and successful recovery. A sad day indeed.
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    Ferrari 348 motor - front engine / RWD conversion

    Beautiful car! Very interesting project.
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    McLaren replica build base on a Manta

    Looks and sounds great Terry!
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    "Vigilante 6.0 Vengeance" project

    Cool! You'll be lapping cars before you know it!