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  • Hi Bill,
    I did have a look at your thread, and faced the same problems, I used wooden formers to get the shape then infilled with cheap ply, upon all this I put Easysand Body filler, after getting the shape I wanted I used 2 pack high build primer, got this to how I wanted it then polished it up with a mop and polishing compound on one section and the other (the front) I 2 pack painted, then polished.
    I think body filler would eat the foam (unless coated with epoxy), I am sure there are other things you could use to give a barrier between foam and filler if that was the way you wished to go.
    It is a diffacult dilema, having done it once I would not use wood again (it shrinks and expands etc too much) instead would use steel/filler (but am aware this would not be that practical!!!!)
    If there is anything I can help you with do not hesitate to send me a message, most of "how I did it" is on the flickr page, should give you an idea how I went about it.
    regards Chris
    Hi Bill,

    The bits of pressed steel that the wheel speed sensors clip to are cheap at ~$5 each you only need them for the front as at the rear they're built into the parking brake carriers.
    I have no real current plan to use them but I dont want to cut them off just in case so for a few $ I bought the things.
    Maybe I might be able to use them for a speedo sensor or data loging at some point in the future.
    BTW Good luck, thats I nice looking car you have planned there.
    Porsche Auto Dismantlers has a BAD rep! I know of at least three persons that have been ripped off. Stay away from them. My 930LDS was bought because I was budget limited. I found a nicely rebuilt fresh unit for $3900.
    The comments about balky shifting (actually slow) and syncro's are valid.
    It is a very strong and suitable gearbox for a V-8 (will take near 700HP). The gear ratio's are nearly ideal. Ever driven a 70's - 80's Porsche? No difference. As a primarily street car, I don't expect any problems. Just no "speed" shifting.
    Yes, but not flying at that time. Photo was from the Goodwood Revival 2005. Built 3 airplanes, got too expensive...
    Bill I to have some solid models of the uprights and I would like the pick up points that you have. Wanna exchange them and see we eachother have and get more info? I got mine from the guy who designed my chassis and I would like the factory point to compare. Where are yours from? My direct email is [email protected] if you want to trade info. I can send it to you in parasolid or IGES that will open in many CAD. Can you do the same for me?

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