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  • Hello patzstang, I'm not sure where folks are getting the idea that i'm selling the rambox manifold with both tops. I'm not.
    The single 4 arrangement is the more difficlt to find and aquire. A number of guys use them in vintage road racing. for one Gary Goinger (sp?) who vintage races the ex-Bill Maier 68 TA car runs this manifold as does Mark Hipp 65 Shelby GT350 car # 5S170. Tony Otto Jr. builds Gary's car, he is very sucessful in his class.
    As for value, the single 4 is the more desireable (it's more useable) the 2/4 setup is too much for most applications. The manifold was targeted for drag racing as a high RPM manifold. I've seen people attempt to sell the 2/4 arrangement for $2500.00+ on eBay. Actually I feel the manifold is worth about $1100.00 to $1200.00. Yes it is a rare piece. A manifold with both tops such as mine maybe $1500.00 to $1800.00 in this current market/. But as I said mine is not for sale.
    Thanks for your inquiry.
    ~Earl J
    I would like to know how much u r asking for the shelby ram box. i have one w/ the 2/4 top and I'm thinking about trying to sell it. I have exprience w/ford & shelby intakes but this one is very hard to gauge what price is appropriate, thanks,patzstang
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