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  • Irvin

    You need some basic mechanical experience. There are general instructions and the experience of many builds to assist. Patience is also important since it will take many hours of time. my build blog should give you a pretty good idea of the challenges and solutions. If you have installed a clutch and changed shocks and done some basic body work you should be okay
    Dear Chuck
    I am Irvin from Indonesia and plan to buy a GT40 kit car. I saw your progress and it seem excellent and beyond my imagination. How difficult to build a kit car for a dummy person like me? I have no experience to build a kit car. Thanks
    No, I did not keep the patterns. I worked with poster board until had a decent fit, then fabbed them from that per the info in my build blog. Left and right are mirror images but there is variation due to variations in the clip.
    Chuck, Michael Holmes here. I was wondering if you had the detail scheme for your side duct air deflectors I might purchase to make for my car?
    I fabed the bracket out of aluminum. Details should be on my build blog. Can't recall the thickness, guessing 3/16 or 1/4". Using steel may be better since it gets a lot of stress, but ours has worked very well
    Chuck, doing the external slave conversion on my gt40, one question, what did you use for a bracket to hold the external slave?


    I spoke with you about your Cayman. Unfortunately, I thought it was a 2009. I am planning on putting a larger engine in it and it needs to be a DFI car - which were sold 2009 and later. The car is very nice. Had it been a 2009, I would have made an offer today.

    Best regards,
    So what was the total cost to get it titled? I live in Chicago and don't want travel to Springfield. If I do it by mail, what time frame are we talking to get the title..

    Thanks for the help

    chuck and Ryan -- I read your last post and again I echo the sentiments of the other builders on what a good job you guys are doing in keeping us informed. I just got back from Alaska and I hated to leave because the fishing was awesome. My wife and I go out every summer for two months or more. We have a home on Prince of Wales Island where I keep a boat and a car for summer use. My wife is a school teacher and she really enjoys her yearly trek to Alaska. I'm also a avid fly fisherman and needless to say I love it as well. Well, I'm back to work on the GT. All the body fitting is finished and right now I'm polishing the aluminum. What a job! I ordered the same wiring harness that you used (painless) to keep things simple. I'm very thankful for the manual that I got from you. I got it out last night and it will be very helpful to say the least. I hope to make some real progress this winter as I need to get this car finished before I'm too old to drive it.

    Thanks again
    Chuck, have a ? on shifter mount , did you have to cut your bracket at all , not sure if i have the right shifter,can i email you a picture but will need your email address thanks Bob
    Yes, that's my car in Kit car Mag. But this build has been anything but fun. I just want to get the car done.
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