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    Squished Truck

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    i know its not a gt40 but.....................

    tell me about it it revs like nothing i have ever heard AWSOME i don't know the link don't work though
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    i know its not a gt40 but.....................

    this has to be one of the best sounding V8s i have ever heard ORGASIC(i know i should get a life )
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    Kinsler Throttle Body diameter recomendations

    that looks like a loverly piece of kit i bet they sound loverly
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    Brett's RS GTD

    Re: Brett\'s RS GTD very nice brett if you need any help or tools i'm only 10 mins away m8 even if its just to hold something while you rivet it
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    Shelsley Hill Climb

    you lot have got some balls racing your pride and joys up those hill's hats off to you all
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    Brake pipe union

    simon try abbey hose in motherwell way thurrock(behind lakeside)or PIRTEK just around the corner from them
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    Compression tube fittings for brakes

    we use s/s compression fittings at work (oil refinery)and they can take huge pressures upto 40+bar
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    GTD gear lever

    i know i know i need my lotus one to work i'm just trying to cover all the angles in case i have to use one
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    GTD gear lever

    anybody got any pics of one in situ(gtd cable thingy lever) and with a gearshift gate or reverse interlock etc as i have been told my lostus shifter might not be able to work as many pics as you like as i need some ideas thanks in advance
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    setting up a cable gear linkage????????????

    cheers for all this info i can see the light at the end of the tunnel cheers to BUDD for the pm i was told to cross over the cables if i mount on the left side of the gearbox in a conventional pattern???? keep the info coming its starting to make sense cheers again top blokes
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    setting up a cable gear linkage????????????

    this is of the lotus espirit gear lever if anybody needs anymore info please mail me on [email protected]
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    setting up a cable gear linkage????????????

    this is another one this has been the worst part of building this car and has really put my build back a lot as i seemed to have lost heart
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    setting up a cable gear linkage????????????

    HELP HELP anybody got any tips or an old set of instructions for setting up a cable linkage i have a lotus espirt gear lever with a GT40 kitcar cables and mechanism that fits a renault UN1 TRANSAXLE how do i set it up???its for a rear engined metro(yer i know)
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    try or as above demon theives