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  • Hi Craig,

    Just been looking at your MKII build website. Great work.

    I note that you say you filled the gap on your image wheels to paint them. I have ordered the same wheels and would like to achieve a similar effect. What did you use to fill the gap and how successful has it been?


    hi craig its chris i have tried to ring you and text im afraid i have had some not so good news on the job front wich means i cannot buy your chassis i am gutted but am worried about letting you down so wanted to tell you asap i asume you are at sea wich is why i cant reach you again i am very sorry but it is out of my hands hope all goes well cheers chris
    hi craig my name is chris i am building a gtd only to find its not very good and i am looking for a chassis set up and i think this might fit the bill any chance of a phone no so i can find out more cheers chris
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