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  • Corvette C5 axle back system

    Een Duitser hier op het forum rijd er mee en zit onder de 100db maar ik kan zo gauw die topic even niet vinden.

    Met vriendelijke groet, JP
    Hello Doc!*

    I was searching the net and i stumble on your post! I know that this is a 3months old post *but are you still looking for a metal Vitaloni Sebring mirror? If you are, i have one! Its not NOS, it was used, but if you would like i'd send you detail pictures of it! Please fell free to ask any question!
    Here is my direct mail [email protected]*

    Best regards,*

    Ivica Vasic

    You are selling non-crossover exhaust manifolds for 289/302W. If You still have them, I`m intrested to buy for my gt40.
    There is a delivery problem; I live in Finland so I can`t pick them up from Mr. Catt.

    Is it somehow possible to send them here? If it is, naturally I`ll first pay them (items+post&p) to You or to Mr. Catt. Sending after payment is clear, and there is no rush.

    My english friend who lives now in Finland is coming to England 20.5. He is going to Nuneaton for a week but i think the distance is over 170 miles/ 3 hours, so I`m not sure if he can collect them; but I`ll ask.

    With Best Regards,

    Jyrki Sulka
    +358 0 400 633 500
    [email protected]
    Hey Doc. Ik woon zelf ook in NL en ben op zoek naar een GT40. Het is nogal een zoektocht en weet eigenlijk niet waar ik moet beginnen. Zit meestal op pistonheads te kijken. Ik zou graag met jou in contact komen.
    I don't unterstand you last thread regarding the RF. Th car is priced cheap but needs many thousands in repair to be show quaility.
    Hey there, Alex the Dutchman here. NOT sure if You ARE Dutch, I stumbled onto the friend request with a member who HAD none so why not someone from My parents' homeland. I have never been, maybe if I have enough for a trip after the GTD.
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