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  • These projects are certainly not short term. They go on and on. I am sure it will be a gas to drive when complete !! Good luck.
    Finances caused a hold to be placed on work for the last six months. Due to recommence next month. Rolling chassis expeted to be finished by Autumn. then break till spring to make the body. finish other works over the winter of 2014. That's the plan anyway, unless I win the lottery in the meantime!
    Due to machining delays, we have lost another month! Collection of parts expected next Monday, so I hope she may be finished by Spring 2013??? However, my parts on the line directly behind Red Bull & MClaren, in that order LOL. I still find it funny to think my parts are being made by the same outfit that make F1 parts!!! But it feels kind of cool! :)
    Slow but sure Dom. All the suspension components are about to be finished and shipped next week, which is a milestone. Not long before it all gets bolted together! I have also had a custom steering rack and pedal assy made up. It's strating to get exciting again! Thanks for asking. Everything good at your end I hope.
    I have an old Porsche 911E from 1969 which I bought in 1975. Brought the car here in 1999. I'll bet the Mirage is pretty fast !!!
    I actually am a singer and can do Robert Plant better than Robert Plant, ha ha.

    I've got a Manta Mirage with a SBF, Audi 5000 transaxle, sprint car style front suspension, etc. Under the skin there's a lot that's similar, so GT40s is a good source for me.

    What do you have?
    I am in Kinver England. One of my neighbors is Robert Plant (and you know his background if you were interested in rock music). I have so many friends from university who think the way as Jim and Jeff (in fact, Jeff is on my ignore list as he tried to pick a fight with me about a post I put up on Michelle Bachman and the tea party). These guys are loony.

    Do you have GT40 or something else? Is Glendale in the LA area? I have a cousin in San Diego and I get out there every now and then.

    Hi, man, I'm in Glendale, CA! Its amazing how many conservatives I meet along my daily routine, but I must admit they are mostly retired.

    When the Hippies took over the dean's office in the sixties, they never left, and now we have these over educated punks spewing their Marxist dogma. I hope they haven't out flanked us!

    Where abouts are you?
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