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  • I am trying to be 'bigger' than using ignore David, but it does get harder and harder to resist. The guy is a bloody lunatic.
    Thanks Mark, just got around to viewing the note. I thought GT40s sent an email noting a message had arrived. How soon do you expect the car to be on the road? Sounds like it can still be a good while.
    Thanks for the reply, theses are the things I like to find out early.
    Your car sounds like it is going in the right direction,it looks great.

    As I said before in a PM the p4 is the ultimate in my mind,the looks are something else.
    The 40 is almost done other than paint and yes im looking for something else,I have had quite an education building this car and an ready for the next step in skill ect ect.

    I will be making a chassis out of 20mm alloy honeycom but will need a body before that part of the project starts.
    Formann have offered to sell a body and also Bailey Edwards in SA but I have no idea of the quality or shape.
    Edwards no longer produce a p4 but claim they have a body in stock?.
    RCR have not returned 2 emails so im getting the message,I may ring so I can get a no verbally.

    Can you recomend anyone or is it limited to these 2 suppliers.
    I am not worried about the weight as I will probably make one in a lighter material.
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