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  • Last Activity: Yesterday 06:02 PM

    eric .... you are not sending my order for more than 3 months

    you received the money on time more over you are checking your account here
    but you don't answer my emails ?????

    what can I call this !!!
    Last Activity: Today 10:25 AM

    any update !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I sent many emails to you waiting for you to answer
    Last Activity: Yesterday 01:06 PM

    since you checking your account please answer my emails

    when are going to send my order , again I want only date from you eric !!!!
    Hi Eric

    I can see you are checking this site , so please let me know whats going on with my order and replay to my email , I am still waiting for your replay for more than 2 weeks

    thank you

    Eric - Still need the remaining parts for my Gen I SBC to Boxster S transaxle: flywheel, clutch and starter. Please call me 517-974-5563. I've also sent an e-mail.

    Bruce Weeks
    Eric, Bruce Weeks here. I really need to know where we are on the SBC to Boxster S adapter kit you are making for me. It has been almost two months since you received my check. I am ready to start the build right now. Please contact me at 517-974-5563. Bruce Weeks
    Hi Eric
    Hope you are well
    you mentioned you have a Adaptor plate for a LS motor to an Audi Box
    I am currently working on a 68 camaro AWD I have purchased a full Quattro Drivetrain from Gearbox back and would like to incorporate my LS2 6.0 Motor onto this train would your adaptor work

    Hi Eric
    You reply to my Post....that you could mate a northstar engine with an audi 4000 transaxle or other similar tranny.
    As far as I know audi 4000 tranny rotate CW (looking from input shaft) northstar engine rotates CCW looking from the flywheel) I'm wrong ??? please email me to [email protected], maybe we can do business
    Best Regards
    Hi Eric

    My name is Ethan and I am currently looking for a 5spd Boxster to LS1 adapter kit. Have you been able to create one yet? Thanks!

    Ethan B.
    (909) 896 8931
    As far as I know all of the 016 boxes have the code on that same flat area of the bellhousing. There is one more code that is not in the Haynes manual that I have that I have seen other people make reference to, but I cannot remember what it is right now. The 5N is the only one with the 4.11 R&P.

    You sent me the message below several weeks ago and you have also told me that the codes on an Audi box are located on the top front. My question is, "Are all the codes that are, underlined below, on that flat space on the top of the box and if not where?":huh:

    "I would recommend looking for one of the 016 boxes with the AAZ, 3V, or 3K. These have the 3.89 ring and pinion rather than the 4.11 that the 5N has."

    (aka) Spider
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