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  • Ciao Wanni.
    Io sono Italiano e avrei piacere se potessi dirmi a parer tuo che cambio mi conviene montare sulla mia cav con un motore forda da circa 380 cavalli.
    al momento monta un'audi 016 aaz. Ero orientato su di un cambio 930 perchè mi piaceva l'idea delle 4 marce. Che ne pensi?
    Hi Wanni
    I was referred to you by a Norvegian friend.
    I see you have been working in BPR in 95 - 96. Then you probably have seen my car then.
    I just bought the ADA DeTomaso Pantera that was racing BPR in 95, and won the British GT championship this year.
    The GT90 revival organizers have allowed my car with a 6 speed sequential gearbox, and a 6 liter engine. Could you suggest me a proper gearbox solution ? Ford 302 engine, Massive torque, 700 HP, 8000 RPM.
    Thank you and good w e
    Patrick Hals
    [email protected]
    Brussels - Belgium
    hi Wanni, i just stumbled accross your thread on cheap trnsaxles and was most impressed with your knowlege skills and readyness to reply to questions. Noticed you located in Italy beautiful place, my parter is from El Motelbano (spelling) and surrounding areas.
    Good luck with the future and if you ever set up operation here and need a keen hand from someone in your facilities, let me know:)
    all the best.
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