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    Mick and Carol happy retirment and many thank for the advice i got from you in the past years. And let the hollidays begin ! lol
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    Jack stands vs lifts

    Ive bouwgrond THE QuickTime Jack And i have to say its easy because you dont have to move THE car through THE garage to THE lift
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    MIG alloy welding

    Or use a push/pull toorts(gun)
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    Calling Old Members

    Still here but have been /still working on a extension of my house and busy with work Waiting for the day i can start working on my car again
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    GT40 pics at Le Mans Classic 2014

    also some pictures
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    What brake lever are you using?

    i've got a lever from a opel it's about the same as some original don't know where the pics are so have a look
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    Best advice For Women. EVER

    Super !!!
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    Long live the king

    King Willem Alexander broke protocol and left THE boat hè was on to thanks dj armin v buren and THE Royal Duch orchestra for there performance. Superrr !!!
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    Long live the king

    Today we will have à king !!! THE queen steps down after à period of 33 years.
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    Oil level diagram

    Thanks Tomorrow i'm going to fix it and ill post THE pics
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    Oil level diagram

    Ok But there's no special level that you know of ?
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    Oil level diagram

    I die find à page with à drawing but it looks à bit high or is this THE right level ? Engine Oil Bible - KiC World Auto Fashion Any advice ?