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  • Hi Fred, Just saw your message noting the pictures of door fit and hinges on a T70 Spyder. I would appreciate copies! The fit of the doors presently is "adequate" but not correct, and they are beginning to sag. Thanks for the offer of your pix to assist fixing this. You can email me directly at [email protected]

    Thanks... ron
    Hi Fred I am a huge fan of fiberglass work and am in the final throes of restoring a 1974 Puma Gt. as the body was full of gracks I replaced the gell coat. I can really appreciate the amount of effort that goes into smoothing a body. the reason for my message. I have quite a few photos of the factory mould used by puma showing how it works etc if this could aid your efforts I can email them to you.
    By the way I am in Orkney northwest province. My phone number is 018 4730186
    Regards Armand
    Hi Fred!
    You are doing a excellent Job in your car. You are my example to follow you.
    I´am Fernando from Argentina 22 years old , and i´am studyng a Technician car.
    I see the post of the Lola and liked the idea of the measure a scale model, take the points and translate to inventor.
    Please can you send the dimension of the box?How you slides the sides?
    Is hard to measure? You freeze the X and Y axle and take the measure of Z? and next move 5 mm and repeat the process?

    In my institute we are working in a Ford Cobra replica.
    Sorry for my english!


    Hi Chris

    Nice to hear from you. I have given up trying to get a Lola looking wheel at a resonable price. I did find one or two places (not in SA) that say they can/will/may be able to supply, but the price is always huge.


    Fred Ballinger
    Hi Fred - do you have knowledge of T70 Lola wheels - 15 inch as per the pictures shown? I am doing a South Africa Perana project and need a set.

    Do you have any idea (that you're willing to share) where I could get a set?


    thanks Chris
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