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  • Dear Mr Litton,

    The T70 Mk3b looks terrible on 17" diameter wheels, but as you realise you can get tyres to fit the wider rims for that diameter. The Michelin can be stretched to 14" but are too narrow profile to really suit. The only alternatives are either the AVON 295 zz up to 12" MAXIMUM or going to the States and using the very high walled Mickey Thompson road legal tyres.

    I know all too well of the tyre "problems as I have a Porsche 917K, GT40 and a Lola T70Mk3b, the latter two also being road legal. I would be VERY keen to purchase the wide tyres for up to 17" or beyond, for 15" diameter rims, especially if AVON are the proposed manufacturer.

    Also,very seriously, please would you let me know how much you require for your GTD T70 chassis and parts as I am very much in the market for another T70 build.

    Yours sincerely,

    Graham Turner. 01 379 897266 or [email protected]
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