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  • Hi Rick! Can you call or send me a txt message? Had to get a new phone and your contact info did not transfer over to the my new phone. I need info on the rear suspension washer location(s). I still have the note you gave me on how many washers forward/rearward but not sure where on the rear suspension to place the washers? Is it the inboard hiem joint on the lower control arm?

    Thanks! Louis 662.312.6782
    Per your post when you cut a rectangular hole in the left sponsoon did you have to have the interior baffle welded or was it already completely seal welded. I too want to locate my fuel pumps in these locations on both sides.
    Hi Rick,
    I remember seeing your gtd for sale years ago and that you were planning a move to Mexico. I now plan on moving there in the next year or so. My wife is from Mexico and I have thought about San Miguel de Allende, Queretaro and the Lake Chapala area.
    Do you plan on going back to Mexico someday?

    I too have a GT40 (CAV) and a FFR GTM. I will be selling my toys sometime this year.

    Let me know your thoughts on Mexico.

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