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  • Hello Bob My name is Dan Andersson live in Sweden building a Replica GT40. I got a TJ Fuel injection that i wrote about on this Community. I saw that your was converted with modern parts. I wounder how you rebuild your system.. Im running a 289 in My GT40,, I have been working since 1987 , As the first start,, Regards Dan Anderrsson
    No problems Brian. Could you let me have a delivery address and I will get a shipping quote. I will track Mark down and get some idea of time scale on the whole thing.The starter ring gear and starter needs some more research as I am in the same boat as you with an original set up and I need to know what starter goes with this lot.

    Hi Bob,

    My machinist says no problem, so, yes, I'd like your bellhousing. If you could get a zf top mount plate from Mark for me too and send them both together, that would be brilliant. Please let me know costs. Do you have a PayPal account?
    Hi Bob. Thanks for that. I am interested in the bellhousing you have if it will fit. My flywheel is an Essex V6 with (if I remember correctly) a 144 tooth ring gear. If you can send me some pictures ([email protected]) and come up with a price plus a price for the top mount plate and postage for both we can likely do a deal. Cheers,

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