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  • Bathurst

    We took RF 117 out to Bathurst over the Easter Week End. Mostly good news apart from a minor altercation with the wall coming out of the cutting.

    I saw a red GT 40 who was entered in another event, any body know who that might have been ?

    My only comment was we all owned the problem and to alleviate it in a future scenario the cell phone lines must be kept open from leaving the garage (Start -30 ) until the end of the race.
    Anyway, late at night here. Well done to Oliver. Nice young man with a level head.
    Dave M
    I had planned to retire this year but I guess it stops the brain fading out. I can tell you a bit more about what went on at the N'ring now during the DTM. I was informed that they would go to the grid on slicks and at no time was I told they had changed to wets. The decision to go to wets was made by Jo Hausner on the basis of looking out of the window and seeing a very large and very dark cloud. I had previously told them that there would be rain from the start for 20 minutes but cancelled that prior to them leaving the garage as this dark storm cloud had originally been on course for the whole circuit but was very slow moving and at start - 45 mins I downgraded the warning to very slight drizzle for start +10 mins. Anyway,
    it turned into the Mercedes whitewash we saw. There was a 'wash up' at Hockenheim and Jo seemed to want to accept the blame - because Audi seems to have a blame culture.
    Hi Iain,
    Sydney looks OK for 5th December.
    I see and easterly drift 5- 10 Km/h, a.m. forenoon temps from 0800 to 1200hrs 20c rising to 26c and afternoon 27c -29c max by 1600hrs. Probability of precip very light at 5% (relates to a 10-15% chance) Some medium level cloud to start which I would expect to disipate mid morning.

    Well Done to Oliver. I'm in talks with BMW Schnitzer for 09 though Audi did ask for a quote 2 weeks ago. Audi Joest have booked me for 24hr Le Mans - probably to prevent any move from Peugeot who's boss Sergen Saulnier has been making noises via a 3rd party.
    The remote thermostat is a custom made unit with a large (small truck) thermostat we could fabricate another if it is interest to you

    Hi, I saw yoiur post mentioning you are running a remote thermostat with a bypass, im am looking to purchace a remote thermostat with a bypass, is yours an 'off the shelf' item is is it fabricated? any and all information you can help with is much appreciated. Cheers, Stu from New Zealand.
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