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  • John,

    As Paul form RF said in the thread, while the standard design is for the Audi, you can pay them to modify the chassis to accept whatever you want. So, the Audi isn't the only offering, it is the standard one.

    I have heard many times that the RF suspension design left a bit to be desired. RF2 spent considerable time redesigning it in such a way as to make it possible to retrofit the new design. The reason is they had to design new alloy ones to replace the original cast ones. They also redesigned the steering set up, producing new components for both systems. This total "start from a clean sheet" design has led to a much improved set up.

    Congrats on getting the car sold - I love the cross ram EFI set up and wish I had the funds to purchase it. Perhaps when the economy turns around some, I can start planning again.

    I also chuckle every time I see that guy try to sell your old Lola replica for a nice profit. That would have been another nice project ...


    I only pointed out the Audi transaxle is what is only offered By RF. I also stated that with $$ you can have a different custom transaxle installation. The thread I was responding too was in regards to the suspension of the Rf1 that are very nice. Roladin was stating that the original design was faulty which is simply not true. Now, Ron Earp, threatened to kick me off again for making a thread other than an anserw to my temporary selling thread which is ridicules. I told him my comments are not inflammatory but a correction of the truth about the RF suspension. My car is close to being sod. I have 2 people that are trying to get financing. Once it is sold I will be long gone from this site due to the moderator who picks and chooses who can stay and who gets banned. This is a freedom of speech world..Unless you sighed onto this site.

    No prob. Like I said, sure your original tone was a little grating, but by far not the
    worst I've seen. But, at the same time, what you were saying was straight up the
    honest truth, and those people who dealt with you in the past had nothing but good
    things to say with respect to those dealings. And, you don't build up a successful,
    stable, long lasting business without being and honest, straight from the hip, businessman.

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