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    There are a couple trains of thought in ordering.

    1) By the time you get all of the pieces it will be a year later anyway. So you might as well order it all at once. The problem is that you won't know what you want to order until you build one of these. ;)

    2). Order only the first couple of segments of the kit so you can see how badly it's designed. Then you won't have very much money invested in it so you can give up on it easier than the rest of us suckers.

    I find it somewhat funny that you used the word quality in the same sentence as SL-C.
    I think you'd be wise to have conversations with many of the disgruntled builders on this forum. Many of us gringe when we hear the name Fran Hall.

    Id be glad to try to talk you down from the ledge as well as others.

    Aaron Hamiltin
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