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  • The numbers of entrants and spectators have been down this year. It seems if you have a GT 40 show you would make sure you had a bunch of them show up. There are a lot of people showing up to see them.
    Well that is good to hear that your car is coming back together. I hope the number of GT40s isnt disappointing, that would be a real shame. Either way, it is always a good event.
    Well I hope that more cars show up at RA. I was at the Can-Am event last year. That was a great show.
    I meant to say chassis'. You cleared it up, thank you. Also, are you excited for Road America this year?! I sure am!! Great looking car by the way!
    Hi Pat.
    Sorry to see Johan has gone off. You comming this way anytime soon?
    The Evo is right up there. I put it on the pole 3 times and 2nd all three times. Car problem 2 times and driver error once. Looks like a bridesmaid year. Had the pole for the Sprints and ended up 3rd comming out of turn 1!! Got P2 at turn five and just waited too long to make a move on P1. I have set 2 track records Blackhawk and RA. Not bad for an old man. How's the left coast treating you?
    Hey Bill -
    Sorry to miss seeing you run that lovely car....
    How did you do n the Mitsu?
    btw - Johan turned into an attention seeking freak and we are not communicating....fucking little wacko. lol
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