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  • Jake, I have the Series 1 chassis. No it doesn't have a roll bar, but drawings for roll bars are available from various memebers of the GT40s community. There are a few places where there are chips in the gelcoat on pointed corners in a place or two, and also, I think there is one place where if I look closesly in reflected light, on the front hood, it looks like a little area of spider cracking if that's the right term. I do have a couple copies of the build manual on CD-rom, and for the trans mating to the engine, I have the bellhousing, flywheel for small block Ford, AP clutch, clutch fork, throw out bearing, slave cylinder, master cylinder, hyd. lines, and resevoir. I bought the deluxe kit less tires, 6 pin knock on wheels (which I purchased through PS Engineering), engine, and instruments (which I bought later as a set). My email address is [email protected] and the best phone number to reach me at is my cell 740-503-0828.
    Jim Downard
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