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  • Jim,
    I saw your post about selling the MDA kit. Is the chassis the latest model with the roll
    bar in the roof, or earlier type? Any coating on the chassis? Body with any defects?
    Is there a bell housing to link the transaxle to the engine? What parts are still needed besides the engine and tires? Is the transaxle new or redone? Condition?
    Do you have the instruction manuals for the kit?Your phone number?
    Best wishes, J. Friedman
    Hi Jim, when i spoke to mark over a month ago he said he was in the process of putting the company into liquidation but obviously hasnt as hes still trading. He was told to leave one of the units as he couldnt afford to pay the rent but yet telling people its because of flooding?! The only 'floods' i ever saw were a small puddle by the shutter door...
    Tbh, i'm not sure whats happening now as i havent spoken to him since that last conversation. I know for sure the blue gulf car he had there hasnt progressed at all that i could see since i left 3 months ago so i can imagine things are incredibly tight and people are still waiting for bits.

    Thats good of Fran to offer, he should be able to help you guys out.

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