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  • Hi Jason,
    Congratulations on an impressive build. I am nearing the registration point for my RCR40 I am building in Montville Queensland. I am having great difficulty finding seats to fit that will pass approval and I noticed your comment about having some leather traditional seats for the road. I am 5ft 10" and are interested in seats suitable for the road, any advice is much appreciated.
    Hi Jason,

    Great build you have going here!
    I love the detailing you are doing, thinking everything through. I also saw your Solidworks drawings that you have done for your project and they look amazing!!!

    As a hobby I build 1/8 scale models and I'm starting to put together stuff for a GT 40, I was wondering if you would share any of your CAD work with the suspension, brakes, wheels, etc. as I'm using Solidworks also?

    Hi Jason,
    I have not been on the web for a couple of months.
    It looks like your car is moving along nicely,
    I have purchased a Black 911/993 6 speed coupe with 39,500 Klms, from Adelaide.
    Just waiting for a few thinks to be done on it to drive it home.
    I purchaed it from a private seller, but the workshop that inspectedit found a couple of little problems, which are being fixed.

    How are you going with the certification with your car?

    I lost your phone numbers, as I had to replace my faulty phone.

    Hi Jason,

    The current exchange rate to AUS for the 69 Gulf Kit comes to $340.00. The shipping will be approx $40.00

    Hope that helps, contact me when you want to order or please visit our website. Congrats on the car, wish I had more time to finish mine!

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