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    Steering Rack Replacement Needed RF#103 Mfg. date 2005

    I own rf 105 Jim and I would be almost certain it is a ford escort rack, I think cortina racks have a different mount. Jim
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    Bump steer

    You don't have to make it that complicated. If you shoot the laser 90deg out from the wheel onto a target (sheet of paper). Draw a centre line on the paper ,pump the wheel up in the working range any deviation off the line is bumpsteer. Adjust to the minimum amount of deviation.
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    Coyote Fuel System

    What I did was this,its been going 9 years with no issues. I made the tank on the drivers side shorter, I have a small tank behind this tank that holds about 15 litres. Each tank has trap doors to stop the fuel moving towards the front under brakes. The main tanks have a fuel pump submerged...
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    Settings......Camber...Toe...Shocks ...

    All these cars are different John so finer details will change depending on dynamic changes in suspension angles. On the front I run about 2,5 deg neg , 2mm toe in per side, 6 deg caster, 0 dump steer. Rear 0 caster 0 neg 1 mm toe in per side. Cant remember what the roll centres are but the...
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    Steve's GT-R Build Thread

    Like what you are doing Steve. I wont tell you how to suck an egg but on your bracket cut the side down on the side with the cut out for the hose. If you cut back to the cutout then taper off to the outside to about 10mm it will trim the fat. It will be plenty strong as it looks like 3mm thick...
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    Stiff Throttle

    Mitch If the throttle comes back slow from full throttle you would look at that first. If it does it with the cable off its at the carby end with it on its at the pedal / cable.You need to isolate why it does not snap back on its own. I use a teflon lined cable /no lube required. I would agree...
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    Ozi 206 sp

    Hi Rod. Doing fine,working hard building an apartment for the last 4 months. Yes I still make pedal sets from time to time. Jim
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    Ozi 206 sp

    Thanks guys, Troy I was in the same race as that car. I was in the same marque but on the back side. The plans I have where used to build that car. I did speak to the owner but I walked away as he was lets say mmmm no I wont say it. Jim
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    Oil cooler placement

    On my 40 I put one either side of the transaxle towards the rear and did some covers on the front to take a hose down to the underside of the car. The lower ducts are attached to the lower arms so they are at a constant height and have never been wiped out. It works very well, but I do not run...
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    Porsche Boxster Trans

    I think they are fairly long, its the rear housing it has a mount built into it. You might want to measure its total length.
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    Ozi 206 sp

    Hi Jimmy. No, life changing year, getting a divorce after 33 years. So moneys been going to other people and I don't feel in the wright frame of mind to be building cars. I will get back to it next year sometime after the dust settles. Jim
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    my clubman

    Very nice work , love the brass adds art to the job. Guys what he has not told you is he machines the light buckets out of a billet. Hats off. I watched your Sandown flick , you need to turn the camera off before you take the helmet off, it scared me for life. Ha Ha Ha Ha jim
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    registering a gt40 in Australia

    Wow Bob 15 years between reply's I think that might be a record. Jim
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    Shift linkage

    Part 27 would be mounted to the firewall. Make the rear box linkage then 31 ends up just being the bit in between to make the link is the way I would attack it. 31 being in top and lower drawing. You will know how far 31 move for and aft once 40-41 are made and fitted. Jim
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    4 piston callipers & 15” wheels

    Ryan Reading your post I gather you are scratch building. If you are going to do this properly you make it fit the wheel you have. If you are thinking the wheels are scrap then you need to sort your wheel issue first. Whitehourse ind make spun alloy rim halfs. You start with the wheel, the...