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  • Yes you are correct Doc.
    I should have looked before posting.
    Mirage do an awesome job, the jigs those boys have made is mind blowing.
    DB sills , Everyone copies someone.


    I saw a post about P1001 where you said that jimmey macs car was a gelco chassis. It was in fact made (in part) by the late Ray Webber of 'Mirage Automotive' based in Poole, UK.

    He had orders for 5 chassis and I own the final one. Interestingly I received a 'spare' pair of sponsoon panels when I picket up my chassis and they have 'DB' marked on them.... and without going into the full story, I believe a complete David Brown chassis (unassembled) was the bases of the remaining 4 chassis.

    Andy Watson
    Thanks for that, Jim.
    I live in Westleigh (near Pennant Hills) and work in St. Leonards, so you aren't far away by Sydney distances.

    I'll give you a call one day and arrange a convenient time to drop by. I won't drive you mad by hanging around all day, but I'm really keen to get a GT40 but need to modify a bit as I'm really pushing the boundaries in height.



    What part of Sydney are you in? And is your build at a stage where I could have a look at the progress?


    Hi Jim,
    When you did the Audi/944 mod did you have any truble lineing up or adjusting the backlash on the R&P?
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