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  • Hello Kalun,

    i am new here and i saw your great SWX Halibrand Wheels. I am building a cobra model at the moment and would like to use your cad wheels for it. Is there a possibility to get the files of the wheels from you?

    best regards
    Im new to this site, but I have already figured out that chassis secrets are tight lipped around here. I don't want to step on any toes, but I saw some of your cad drawings on the pics page and was wondering if you built that chassis? I want to build a chassis but am afraid that it will be hazardous to my life at 100+mph. I have some other chassis pics and designs but yours looks awesome comparing to the ones I have. Im not asking to give up any secrets, i'm just wondering how that chassis turned out?
    Hi Chris,
    Do you have any pictures of your G50 installation? I am thinking about putting a G50/01 in my car and need some information. Specificaly I need to know what the frame looks like under/behind the bellhousing and how it clears the clutch slave cylinder. Thanks Chris

    If you have time you could call me at 425 299-3556
    Hi Kalun_D

    The drawings you have made are lokking good, where do you get the info to draw the parts of the gt40 that you do, and vil you consiter to share that info with me, I draw in SW08.

    Kind regards
    Klaus L.
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