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  • Hi Keith,

    I am in the process of building a Southern GT. I was very taken with your Dashboard in carbon fiber, did you use 3M Di-noc and was it hard getting round all the bends. I would like to do mine that way, but doing loads of research before I start. Any tips would be great.

    Don Anderson
    Hi Tom, Nice bikes you have.
    I dont race bikes,to scary. have done cars though
    Mine are as follows:
    2011 Harley Deluxe.....Daily ride
    1961 Harley Duo glide
    1972 Honda CR750 Replica ..CRMC race bike
    1939 Rudge Special
    1956 Norton Manx race bike
    1934 Norton International race bike
    1924 Norton flat tank. ( Model 2 rare bike )
    1927 Triumph flat tank
    1956 Triton cafe racer
    1933 BSA W33-6 500cc

    Ultima GTR.. was race car now road registered
    Ultima Can Am 640 H.P. Road registred
    Southern GT ....on build

    Some pictures on my website Zenfolio | Crispy Duck Photography

    Regards Keith
    Dear Keith

    yes they are mine
    EGLI KAWASAKI: 1 out of 40 with turboframe. 1200 cc Z engine, one of the best in germany
    EGLI SUZUKI: 1 out of 15 with frame suppose for an Honde singlecylinder. My racebike. racing it at www.grabtheflag.de. Fastest bike in class just me are only hte secondfastest drive there. A swiss guy regularely racing IHRO ( and beating lea gourley there)beats me all the time with a bike 10-15 hp less.
    YAMAHA SR 500: this is the racebike of my son which we built for the very same class as i´m racing in. .

    Currently thinking of selling the two EGLI´s. Want to change into the pre ww II class. Either on a NOrton Inter CS1 replica which a austrian mate is building ( 125 kg, 58 HP. 60 NM, 550cc) or looking for a original 4 valve 500cc rudge single (do you know mike farrel, i like his bikes quite a lot)

    What do you ride ?

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