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  • Happy Birthday Tom, quite a milestone 50 years young, I can't wait to hear your thoughts after you overcome your current challenges, My thoughts and prayers are with you and giving your family strength to carry on, come on man you can do this!!
    Godspeed JA
    how did you manage to register your car in Germany?I have found a 2008 gt 40 with ford 502 engine from outside EEC but in Holland is impossible to register it. What about Germany do I get a chance ? and how?
    I saw an ad of a gt 40 from Czech Republic which looked very much like yours. It seems to me that the registration process is easier there and I would like to ask you about the registration requirements in Czech Republic for a modern era GT 40.
    I may still put the vertical fins on Tom, just didn't have time before the show if you know what I mean. Thanks for the reply and maybe if you hear of anyone looking for a set you could send them my way.
    As far as the 917 goes I plan to put a 3.8 L flat 6 with a 930 gearbox, air-cooled of course and as close to the real deal as my wallet will allow! LOL I'm running the 17" wide rims and fabricated uprights and the ride height will be 70mm like the originals. Should be pretty cool and if you like I'll send some pics during the process so you can keep me honest. Thanks again Tom and we will talk soon

    Tom, I have a set of Weber 48 IDA with linkage and intake for a small block Ford if you are interested. They are brand new and have never had fuel through them. I'm asking $3500 CDN for them. PM me if you are interested. I would of posted them in the gatage section but couldnt get a picture to load. Let me know before i try to post again. Thanks Tom and nice job on the 917. How did you like mine (Martini and Rossi) Neat car. May have to keep this one! LMAO
    Hi Tom, Looking at pictures of your car and noticed motorbikes in the other garage. Are they yours and if so what are they.
    I have a few myself
    Regards Keith
    Hi Tom,
    Could you let me know the price of the tool for the 3 wing spinner nuts as fitted to BRM type pin drive wheels?
    Thanks Steve
    Hi Tom

    I would like to know if it's possible to buy things from RCR throu you?
    If so, I would like to know the price of two replica fuel caps and shipping to Sweden?
    Hi Tom!
    I wonder if you can supply 2 "original style" fuel filler caps? I've seen them on RCR's webpage.
    Is it possible and what price for 2?

    Best Regards
    Hi Tom,
    wirst du den GT40 in Deutschland auch anmelden?
    Einfache Prozedur?
    Hi Tom,
    Try a place called full bore race products ,They are a company like Hartwell Dzus.Also if they do not have them, here is the number for Hartwell- Dzus 1 800 441 0327. I am looking at their catalog now and they say there is no max length on the grip length. They have made me custom fasteners before for a military project. Let me know how things go! Good luck!
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...TOOM....u simply made me too happy!!!
    Tube arrived today...GOD how much I love Ring poster!!!
    Tomorrow will place it under glass and show it in my shop, it is TOO nice really!!

    U made an happy man down here....The ring is the place!!
    Grazie amico:):):)
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