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  • Hi Kim, just wondering what those side mirrors cost? And how long they take to gt in once you placed the order...? They look great as does your car. Just beautiful!! I just purchased my superformance MKII, and was going to put some motorcycle mirrors on them. Then I saw yours and they look great. Making me think twice...

    Thanks, Dave
    I am considering purchasing a MKI from Superformance and would love to see a completed vehicle - such as your. I am also in Florida - Delray Beach - any chance of getting together? regards Peter Holt
    The Car & Driver article is rumored to be coming out in the November issue – which means it will be on the news stand in October. The stack filters are great and are called Max Flow from Bills-B-Racing. Bill makes these to order, and is supplying TWM and many others. You can reach him at: (586) 883.0942. Tell him Kim sent you! (By the way, I'm dodging the same hurricanes here in Ft. Lauderdale!)
    Did the article come out yet on your car? What stack filters are those? I'm still waiting on my car to come in. It's been avoiding hurricanes along the coast Since Aug. 25th!
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