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    Wheels for Image Wheels only regards Lee
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    WTB Nostril

    hello all, unfortunately my single vent nostril doesn't have the curved lip at the front. regards Lee
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    RCR "Gulf style" flares needed?

    hello James, i'm still in the GT40 replica bodywork game. i build for Southern GT over here in the UK. i'm based just up the road from the old GTD workshop in Dorset. i still have contact with Mike Christopher and James Pearce from the main workshop. not seen or heard from Andy for years. and...
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    RCR "Gulf style" flares needed?

    hello James, i remember your car from my GTD days. i worked in the bodyshop 90-95. the rear is the std clip that GTD produced. not sure how wide the RCR rear is but the GTD rear is 72 inches. hope this helps.
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    GTD Out From Winter Slumbar

    Looking good Simon :cool:
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    SouthernGT Number 18

    Looks awesome Paul. Good choice of colour. :cool:
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    Nicks Forte Scratch Build

    :) Good work Nick, keep it up Lee
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    Hot inside my GTD

    Hello Dan, if you follow the measurements in pictures I sent you, you will find the panel supplied is just about the right shape. it will need a little fettling but not a great deal. Lee
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    Hot inside my GTD

    Hello All, I make a replacement twin deep vent nostril panel for the GTD. I also make a single deep vent panel. the vents are tapered at the bottom to fit inside the radiator inlet and outlet pipes. I can supply the whole panel or just the bottom section so you can modify your own panel yourself.
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    Hello George, you would have to be very careful injecting an expanding foam between the two...

    Hello George, you would have to be very careful injecting an expanding foam between the two fibreglass skins. the pressure would easily split them. I would do a test first to check the expansion rate of the foam. Lee
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    With deepest sympathy.

    Saddened to hear the news of Nicks passing. A good guy and enthusiastic 40 owner that will be greatly missed. Condolences to his family and friends.
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    IVA pass today

    very well done Andrew. a long time coming :-)
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    Bob's GT Forte scratch build.

    looking good Bob :-)
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    Duncans GT-Forte Scratch Build

    hey Bud et all GTD front and rear clips were reinforced with 3mm core mat in the wheel arch areas. this added strength and protected the outside surface from stone impacts. the bodywork i supply to Southern GT and others, is to the same spec as GTD supplied. if it ain't broke... :-)
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    Removing the plasticine/wax post popping the body out

    hello Ryan you should try chewing gum/ bubble gum remover. Craftex Chewing Gum Remover Solvent, 1Ltr - Craftex from Craftex Cleaning Systems UK regards Lee