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    Lola T70 MK3b Bodywork - Suppliers ??

    Meinolf I have a used GTD3b nose and new sills also have original 3b nose and sills they are very different the sills are compleatly different the nose mounts differently and is a different shape as a result. I am the opposite to you looking for an original cockpit and doors to complete my...
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    Planning ahead......

    Will be at the classic as well would be good to meet up
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    T70 Spyder progress and assorted questions

    like these Ron used on 60's elans fords and BL cars there are a few different designs all similar L734 Sidemarker Lamp for Jaguar XJ/XJS and Minis for vintage & classic cars
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    T70 Spyder progress and assorted questions

    Hi Ron I have a T70 recreation which uses all original lola panels unfortunately they are at the spray shop until the 15th July I can get pictures for you after this date. My original doors are the same as yours they have a "lip" all the way around the sides and bottom, the inner shell should...
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    New McLaren

    Pictures do not do it justice was at the factory last week, it looks even better in the flesh
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    Lola video charity ride

    Here you go Larry a couple of pics of the car have some more charity on track video will edit and put them up
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    Lola video charity ride

    A bit quite on here thought I would post this Facebook video one of the guys stuck a GoPro on the back when I took somebody out for a charity ride we raised over £60000 for children in need over the weekend.
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    My Ferrari 365 GTB4

    Hi Chris definitely the race version for me just adds a little extra drama!!!
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    Henk, Mid Wales UK, Non-GT40

    Hi Henk welcome aboard I am not far from you based near Shrewsbury quite often in newtown.
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    bent G50 diff sideplate

    Thanks for the feedback guys, Chris I am not that heavy footed!!! Did not miss a shift or select a wrong gear before problem occurred, I had looked at the side plates but had not actually heard of anybody bending the original even with more power/torque in Ultimas, Gt40s etc. Bob is checking to...
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    Goodwood Revival Schedule

    will be there all weekend "camping" in the Winnebago looking forward to it!!
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    bent G50 diff sideplate

    managed to bend the diff sideplate on my G50-03 has anybody else had this issue? The engine produces 520lb 500bhp seldom use 1st gear and try to be careful putting the power down quaife lsd fitted. Does anybody in the UK supply an upgraded plate?
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    What is this? Lola-Gt40 hybrid?

    Link worked ok for me, does not look loke any type of lola certainly not T70 looks more like a smaller capacity gt to me perhaps a one off?
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    Hi chris not sure if you got my email I bought a flywheel and pilot bearing from you back in...

    Hi chris not sure if you got my email I bought a flywheel and pilot bearing from you back in 2007 for my g50 to SBC conversion in a T70 replica I need to replace the pilot bearing what is the pilot bearing from please and what is the best way to get the bearing out of the aluminium holder?
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    classic fuel injection

    Picked up this early Kinsler injection thought I might convert to EFI and strap it on the T70 current 48 IDF's can't supply enough fuel over 5900rpm