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  • Hi Martin, Hope your well.
    Question... I believe you are using KONI shocks , if so how did you decide which springs to use and which model of KONI's did you use.
    I asked Glenn Mason but he has lost all the info as it was years ago.
    I was going to use Koni but the delivery times were about 18 weeks , so as a stop gap used SGT's AVO's.
    Lastly using SGT anti roll bars what settings/holes did you find best or is it trial and error ?
    Hi Martin, Can you tell me the diameter of the roundels on your car, they look about the same as I am having. It will give me an idea if I'm on the right track.
    martin - just got back from hols - phone bust so haven't got your no. anymore in work wednesady onwards as normal so telephone me. cheers, john bate
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